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Broadview Networks WinnipegBroadview Networks is passionate about helping organizations become more productive. One of the many things that makes Broadview Networks unique is recognizing and acting on the premise that it’s one thing to ensure our customer’s technology is operating correctly, but of equal importance is an organization’s employees using the technology productively.

With the notion that IT truly is about people, Broadview Networks purchased a training centre in the heart of downtown Winnipeg in July 2018 to assist our customers with identifying current employee skill gaps and providing a means of closing those gaps through training.


Our training centre, Broadview Academy, has been structured to address employee software application knowledge gaps through standard and customized courses, from beginner to advanced, covering the full spectrum of all commonly used software programs. In addition, Broadview Academy offers over 60 Workplace (soft) skills courses designed to address an organization’s professional development needs.

Most organizations acknowledge that there is an inherent need to provide training opportunities to their employees but fail to act due to a variety of perfectly understandable circumstances. Like so many things, sometimes the hardest part is knowing how to start.

Broadview Academy’s team of learning professionals invite you to contact us to discuss what you are looking to accomplish in the area of professional development, help you identify and fill in identified learning gaps, and create a strategic learning plan that addresses these needs.

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