Membership Program

Our goal is to drive greater productivity through ongoing learning and training.

While our parent company, Broadview Networks, focuses on improving productivity through technology, we focus on helping your staff use their technology.

An Academy Membership provides a training plan to help you organize and deliver training to your staff shaped according to your needs.

The academy membership follows a 6-month lifecycle. As its core is the Strategic Learning Plan which represents a 6-month learning plan for your organization. It is formed by obtaining direct input from your staff, shaped by our experience in the industry, and finalized through input from your organization’s management and stakeholders.

  1. Increase productivity through learning
  2. Attract & retain more employees
  3. Improve organizational culture including teamwork, respect, and development
  4. Enable staff to achieve organizational goals through skill development
  5. Identify and create opportunities for future leaders

A membership also allows you to pay for training as courses are delivered or to select a monthly budget so that your training costs remain the same all year.

  1. Training Survey: An annual online survey is completed by your staff.
  2. Prepare & Develop Learning Plan: We review the surveys and prepare a Strategic Learning plan.
  3. Review Learning Plan: Based on survey results a training plan is provided to you.
  4. Deliver Training Courses: We then deliver training on your preferred schedule.
  5. Report on Training: We provide consumption reports so you can track staff training.

In addition to our many technology and application courses, we offer a full spectrum of workplace skills and professional development training. Our staff have extensive experience in the field of adult education and can customize courses to your organization’s training needs.

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