Are You Driving Productivity Through Learning?

We are passionate about helping your staff become more productive members of your organization. While our parent company, Broadview Networks, focuses on improving productivity through technology, we focus on helping your staff use their technology.

Investing in staff training allows you to…

  1. Increase productivity through learning
  2. Attract & retain more employees
  3. Improve organizational culture including teamwork, respect, and development
  4. Enable staff to achieve organizational goals through skill development
  5. Identify and create opportunities for future leaders

We offer a full spectrum of workplace skills and professional development training. Our staff have extensive experience in the field of adult education and offer deep expertise in customizing courses.

Application Training: Microsoft Office is the most popular suite of products on the market today for office productivity. Using these products effectively is a critical piece of everyone’s work-related skills.

Technical Training: From administration courses to security, our Technology programs offer dozens of hands-on, vendor-authorized programs in all aspects of technology training for employees and IT Professionals.

Workplace Skills Training: Focused on your specific needs and helping you to achieve your goals, our learning philosophy is learner-centered and business-driven. We are dedicated to creating learning initiatives that equip organizations and people with the skills and competencies they need to be innovative productive and competitive.

The learning needs assessment allows you to obtain input from your staff for your management to then decide what training would most benefit the organization. 

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