On October 26th, Broadview Academy hosted a roundtable discussion attended by Human Resource, Training, and Organizational Development representatives from a select group of exceptional Winnipeg based companies committed to providing their employees with the most relevant and valuable workplace and productivity training available.

HR Forum

This unique event provided an opportunity for the invited guests to get to know their peers and share their current learning requirements, the methodologies being used, the changing trends in learning and the challenges of addressing more diverse and specific requirements of the organizations and their employees. In addition, recent success stories were shared providing meaningful takeaways for the attendees.

It was Broadview Academy’s pleasure to host these smart and passionate people committed to the ongoing success of the organizations they represent, and the employees that work there.

Certainly, the opportunity to listen to their conversations was as enjoyable as it was thought-provoking. This will continue to motivate Broadview Academy to stay in front of these new learning trends and ensure we are meeting with, listening to, and acting on finding meaningful solutions for their learning objectives and those of other organizations throughout the Winnipeg community.

We hope to bring this type of forum to other corporations, government, crown corporations, and not for profits on a regular basis going forward.

Stay tuned for our next event!

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