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In today’s workplace, investing financial resources in training that focuses on developing the skills of individual employees is a pro-active measure to increase the prosperity of an organization. Most importantly, well-educated employees who are hoping to advance their own career goals become an organizational resource in their own right. Also, individuals who have been prepared to deal with change, and adjust to a dynamic business environment are essential in the growth of an organization.

Using these products effectively is a critical piece of everyone’s work-related skills. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure which level of course to attend.

We run many courses with as few as 2 students and can also provide private sessions.

Building Self-Esteem & Assertiveness Skills

Building your self-esteem is essential for confidence and success, and it all begins with you. Of all the judgments you make in life, none is as important as the one you make about yourself. Without some measure of self-worth, life can be enormously painful. During this one-day workshop, you will discover some simple techniques that dramatically change how you feel about yourself. Also, you will learn how to recognize the importance of learning self-acceptance and nurturing your sense of self.

Business Ethics for the Office

This two-day workshop will not provide you with an easy way to solve every ethical decision you will ever have to make. However, it will help you define your ethical framework to make solving those ethical dilemmas easier.

Also, we will look at some tools that you can use when you’re faced with an ethical decision. In addition, we’ll look at some techniques you can use so you don’t get stuck in an ethical quandary. Best of all, we’ll look at a lot of case studies so that you can practice making decisions in a safe environment.

Business Etiquette – Gaining that Extra Edge

In today’s world, business demands more than keeping your nose to the grindstone and your ear to the ground. You need business savvy and the ability to establish yourself in a credible manner. A faux pas at the wrong time can damage your career. If you are newly appointed to a management position, or if you interact with people you don’t know on a regular basis, this workshop can help you succeed. If you want to enhance and polish your business image, or if you just want to avoid feeling uncomfortable in the corporate world, this workshop will allow you to take a quantum leap forward in skill, sophistication, and confidence.

Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People

Edward Deming, the father of quality management, has said that people can face almost any problem except the problem of people. They can work long hours, face declining business, even the loss of a job, but they can’t deal with the difficult people in their lives. This workshop will help you to identify some of the ways you may be contributing to these problems and give you some strategies you can adopt, at work and in your personal life.

Customer Service

As a customer service representative, you are expected to handle customer interactions in the best way possible. The expectations of both your company and your customers hinge on your ability to provide the right service in the right way. In this course, you will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions.

Providing quality customer care ensures that every single contact with your company is a positive experience. Customers can range from external consumers to internal employees in other departments. Knowing how to provide the same level of service to all customers will enrich your time spent at work by establishing positive business relationships. Recognizing crucial points throughout customer interactions increases your ability to solve problems and offer affirmative solutions. Applying this knowledge to trends in service and consumer desires allows you to contribute to the company’s bottom line and make a customer’s life a little easier.

Customer Service Training: Critical Elements of Customer Service

In this two-day workshop, learners will understand how to take care of customers’ needs by providing professional and good quality service and assistance before, during and after customers’ requirements are met. Topics in this workshop include understanding what customer service is and who customers are, how to communicate with and meet expectations of customers, problem-solving techniques and process, telephone handling techniques, and dealing with difficult situations.

Presentation Skills – Presentation Survival School

A great presenter has two unique qualities: appropriate skills and personal confidence. This confidence comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills. In this two-day workshop, you will master the skills that will make you a better speaker and presenter.

Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills

As an individual, facts and knowledge can only go so far. Solving tough problems requires the ability to define the true problem, analyze the possible causes, create options, select the most feasible option, and then implement it. This two-day workshop should help individuals enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions and learn new ways to approach problem-solving to reach win-win decisions.

Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-Solving Skills focuses on eliminating corporate problems. Approaches to problem-solving are defined, along with traits of good problem solvers and the company cultures that influence them. The course focuses on the three phases of problem-solving and breaks each phase into steps. Strategies are provided for individual problem solvers and problem-solving teams.

Skills for the Administrative Assistant

This is a two-day workshop designed for those who work in support positions, to help them improve their everyday performance in an office environment. The two days will help you improve your communications skills, make a good first impression, and develop personal management skills.

Stress Management

Today’s workforce is experiencing job burnout and stress in epidemic proportions. Workers at all levels feel stressed out, insecure, and misunderstood. Many people feel the demands of the workplace, combined with the demands of home, have become too much to handle. This one-day workshop explores the causes of such stress and suggests general and specific stress management strategies that people can use every day.

The Minute Taker’s Workshop

If people can’t remember or agree on what actually occurred at a meeting, how can the group effectively accomplish its objectives? After this one-day workshop, you will understand your role as a minute taker and the best techniques for producing minutes that include all the essential information needed.

Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance

Time is money, the saying goes, and lots of it gets lost in disorganization and disruption. This one-day workshop will help you get a grip on your office space, organize your workflow, learn how to use your planner effectively, and delegate some of your work to other people. In addition, it will help you organize and prioritize for greater workplace efficiency. The workshop is full of ideas for organizing your work area and your paperwork and working on the “right” things. Get out of your mental rut. Think new thoughts about the time you have. Discover new ways of doing things and feel more in control of your life.

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The Minute Taker’s Workshop

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Time Management: Get Organized for Peak Performance

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The Minute Taker’s Workshop

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