Microsoft Azure Training

If you’re ready to move faster, save money, and integrate on-premises apps and data using Microsoft Azure, you’re in the right place. These learning opportunities can help you develop, implement, and architect Azure solutions.

For instance, get certified and show the world that you’re ready to take advantage of the growing collection of integrated cloud services in Azure. More importantly, show how to develop solutions that can lower total cost and help improve scalability, security, and privacy.

Using these products effectively is a critical piece of everyone’s work-related skills. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure which level of course to attend.

We run many courses with as few as 2 students and can also provide private sessions.

Professional Azure SQL Database Administration

Azure SQL Database is the cloud version of SQL Server. It differs in terms of management, maintenance, and administration. Also, it’s important to know how to administer SQL Database so that you can get the most out of the features that it provides.

This course addresses different management aspects of an Azure SQL Database. Such as migration, backup, and restore, pricing, security, scalability, monitoring and performance optimization, high availability and disaster recovery.

This is a 3-day course which balances theory and hands-on applications are focused on practical takeaways. Built with a narrative of a DBA, who is migrating from a traditional on-premises system to Azure SQL Database. In addition, this course emulates the different scenarios you might come across while working with Azure SQL Database.

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