Broadview Academy & Accessibility

Broadview Academy is committed to complying with the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service under The Accessibility for Manitobans Act. Our policies, practices and measures reflect the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

If a barrier to accessing our goods or services cannot be removed, we seek to provide alternate ways to access the goods or services. The following policy statements, organizational practices and measures are intended to meet the requirements of the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service. This policy applies to all employees, contractors and management.

  1. We meet communication needs by offering to communicate in different ways, such as writing things down, reading things out loud, and taking extra time to explain things.
  2. We accommodate the use of assistive devices, such as wheelchairs and communication or hearing devices.
  3. We welcome support persons and we do not charge admission or other fees to service people.
  4. We allow service animals on our premises.
  5. We maintain our accessibility features so they can be used as intended, like ensuring automatic doors are working properly or keeping aisles and entryways clear of clutter.
  6. We let the public know when and why an accessibility feature is temporarily unavailable by putting
    up on-site signs or posting information online. We include information on how long the feature will be
    unavailable, and whether there are other ways to access our goods and services.
  7. We welcome and respond promptly to feedback we receive on the accessibility of our goods and services. We document the actions we take to respond to the feedback we receive, and that information is available upon request.
  8. We provide the required training on accessible customer service to employees, and management.
  9. We keep a written record of accessibility and training policies, including a summary of our training materials and when our training is offered.  We also let the public know that our accessibility and training policies are available on request.
  10. Not all our marketing materials are accessible for people with disabilities.

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