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Broadview Networks Acquires Corporate Professional

Training Company

July I. 2018 — Broadview Networks Inc.. announced that it has ac-quired ASAP Training Ltd.. a corporate professional training company in Winnipeg, The purchase will better serve the needs of Broadview Networks’ customers. and customers Of ASAP Training.

With this acquisition. Broadview Networks can better serve the Manitoba market for its corporate training needs” said Michael Orloff, President, Broadview Networks •This brings together two local companies to better serve the Manitoba market.”

ASAP Training Will continue to operate as an integral business unit under Broadview Networks Training Services Division. ASAP Training will remain at its current location in Winnipeg, MB, and continue to focus on providing high-quality Corporate Professional Training to its customers. We are very excited about this change in ownership.

Broadview Networks purpose is to improve Productivity in the workplace Corporate professional training is a foundation Of this purpose’, Said Michael Orloff.

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Information Technology is effective at improving productivity and profitability We help drive business outcomes through technology adoption By focusing on key productivity drivers, Broadview brings change and then helps secure and support those changes.

Innovation: Be creative in the application Of technology to solve your business needs and leverage IT as a competitive advantage

Operations: Establish processes, automate workflows. and measure results to optimize your current investment In IT.

Collaboration: Exchange information & ideas internally and externally to reduce costs and give access to new ideas and technologies. Staff Investment: Skilled workers get more done in less time, are more innovative. better communicators, and are less likely to leave your organization.

ASAP Training. CA is Winnipeg’s Complete Training Centre. ASAP employs instructors and trainers with the knowledge and experience to ensure your training will be successful. We provide an enjoyable learning experience and comfortable environment for all our students.

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