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Productivity through Learning

Broadview Academy is Winnipeg’s corporate training provider, employing knowledgeable instructors to deliver customized training that is applicable to your job or career development. We deliver an instructor-led in-person and virtual training experience. Our goal is speed to competency, ensuring your staff is as productive as possible with the applications they use every day.


Canaccord Genuity Corp.

The course was fantastic! My colleague and I felt that we learned useful tools that will assist us in our day to day activities. The course moved at a good pace, the instructor was incredibly helpful and the Microsoft Teams platform was seamless.

Ester Kamenz

Manitoba Federation of Labour

The trainer was fabulous and the course had a great flow. I feel with independent practice on these exercises that I will be able to have a better understanding of Excel and its functions. Overall a great class!

Darlene Dwyer
Manitoba Federation of Labour

Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet: MFNS

The staff were very happy with the PD that your organization facilitated. Just today, a teacher submitted her area’s February calendar. She said, “My first MS Publisher project!” She was proud of herself! I believe that Broadview Academy added/created confidence in our staff to be actively involved in computer activities.

Thanks so much to you and your crew.

Ernie McDougall
Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet: MFNS
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Improve productivity with our highly effective private group training. Our customized content and approach ensures outcomes are achieved.



Provide the very best experience for your staff with a one-on-one lesson. Since we employ instructors, we can offer very small classes and even one-on-one training at reasonable rates.



A monthly payment schedule ensures you have a budget when training is required. Instead of obtaining approval for large one-time expenditures, opt for set monthly payments. Subscribing also provides access to additional discounts!



If you’re a business without a dedicated training coordinator we can help you plan, manage, your organization’s professional development. Our membership program provides all the benefits of professional training management at a fraction of the cost.


Training and development

Training & Development: Key Benefits

In today’s workplace, providing essential skills training for your employees allows you to improve job satisfaction, staff retention, and productivity. Organizations are also facing pressure from the workforces to help them keep their skills and capabilities up to date. At Broadview Academy, we are dedicated to creating learning courses to equip workers and thus the organizations with…

Strategic Learning Plan

How to create a high-impact Employee Training Plan?

In today’s workplace, providing essential skills training for your employees allows you to improve job satisfaction, staff retention, and productivity. At Broadview Academy we are dedicated to creating learning courses to equip workers and thus the organizations with the tools and strategies to adapt to a range of uncertain futures in addition to build sustained capabilities…

Empowering remote work across your organization

Empowering your workforce doesn’t need to be complicated, even when working remotely. As more employees are working from home, it has become increasingly important to help your team feel connected and be productive.  Giving your team the right resources to stay productive can help; Microsoft Teams can be one of those resources.  Teams empowers your…


Stay Safe Online

When working from home, it is important to understand that you are more susceptible to cyber-attacks. As the outbreak continues, more and more organizations are recommending, and perhaps even mandating remote work. As a result, employees everywhere are having to rapidly adjust to virtual meetings, chatting, and many other forms of online/remote collaboration. This can…


As directed by our Provincial Health Minister, Broadview Academy is closed.  All classes have been temporarily moved to live online virtual training. Our goal is to ensure students can learn while considering what is best for the health and safety of our students, Instructors, and staff.  It is important to Broadview that we play our…

Cyber Security training Winnipeg

Ensure Your Team is CyberSavvy

Ensure Your Team is CyberSavvy – It’s Important to Everyone! So much attention is being given to the number of organizations being compromised by attacks to their networks and system – and rightfully so. This includes organizations of all sizes, industries, location, etc., nobody is excluded from random intrusive acts. While most organizations acknowledge that…

Training Delivered Virtually

Technical Training Delivered Virtually When You Need It

Are you one of the many organizations that have trouble finding certified technical training that is scheduled when you need them and that actually run? We have a solution! Organizations that need to train their technical support staff or their project leaders face a different set of challenges than they have previously. At the same…

Maximize Productivity

You have the technology – Now let’s maximize productivity

Broadview Networks is passionate about helping organizations become more productive. One of the many things that makes Broadview Networks unique is recognizing and acting on the premise that it’s one thing to ensure our customer’s technology is operating correctly, but of equal importance is an organization’s employees using the technology productively. With the notion that…

pricing party

Pricing Party at Thrive Thrift Shop

Last week in conjunction with United Way Winnipeg and Thrive Thrift Shop we had a PRICING PARTY! And what’s a Pricing Party?… Group of volunteers to price items and ensure that products are in good condition to be sold. Volunteers will be shown how to price items such as linens, purses/luggage, trinkets and other household…

Winnipeg Professional Development training


We all know how essential good training is to producing capable employees and colleagues. We also know how difficult it can be to dedicate the time and resources to sending people off-site for training – or shutting down a team for a day (or days) long bootcamp. The scheduling challenges for the urgent situation that…


A pop-up day of caring is a hands-on project where we are going to assemble personal care kits for individuals afflicted with homelessness In conjunction with United Way Winnipeg on Wednesday and Thursday, February 27th and 28th, at Broadview we had a fantastic Pop Up Day of Caring. This is an interactive and impactful volunteer activity that came to…

Professional Development

Training that creates business value

Expanding employees’ knowledge and skillsets is always a good idea when it comes to generating value in the workplace. With professional development comes increased and varied strengths, skills gap closure, improved performance, consistency, and satisfaction! Professional development in what areas? Training is important, yes, however, it’s also important to identify what type of training is going to benefit…

Broadview Academy – Productivity through Learning

Training has long been thought of as everything from an “afterthought” to a “would be nice to have” part of an organization’s strategic plan, corporate culture, and vision. This is especially true in small to medium sized businesses who don’t have a person designated and/or dedicated to driving learning paths for staff and executives. Employee…

The importance of Business Intelligence training

Business Intelligence (BI) delivers on improved business performance by delivering better decision making throughout your entire organization. You can expand your BI skill set and maximize your investment in BI technology with hands-on, instructor-led classes for SharePoint, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Excel and more. What’s new for business analytics in Excel 2016 Microsoft Excel has new…

Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Threats

CyberSAFE [Securing Assets for End Users] “End-user awareness and training reduces security-related risks by 45% to 70%.” – Reuters.com 95% of all security incidents are due to human error.  Training your employees to detect and avoid cyber threats is critical to protecting your organization’s data.  In Broadview Academy’ CyberSAFE end-user security training and certificate program, students…

Microsoft Office365

The sky’s the limit with Microsoft Office 365 training

So your company upgraded to Office 365 and now you have this amazing new technology at your fingertips! You’ve discovered the life-changing benefits of team collaboration; you’re switching from laptop to phone, and from phone to tablet, and back to laptop again without missing a beat; you’re having virtual meetings in your PJs; your team…

Organizing Your Desk


Yesterday, the entire staff of Broadview Networks and Broadview Academy attended staff training on a newly created course called “Organizing Your Desk”. This course was developed in concert with Tracy Lamoureux from Birchwood Automotive Group with the goal of learning ways to: Better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency. Using effective techniques to…

Microsoft Excel training Winnipeg

Do you Excel at work?

Why Excel Matters? When it comes to Microsoft Excel, there tends to be three types of users. To find out which you are, go ahead and open the program. How do you feel? Overwhelmed? A little lost? Frustrated? Not to worry, there are many like you: Excel beginners not quite sure where to start in all…

Training is an investment in your awesomeness

Training is an investment in your awesomeness

Broadview Academy provides training that changes lives! For companies of every size, that means continually upgrading the abilities of their employees so they stay competitive and boost their bottom lines. Every course and certification we teach, every learning method we provide is dedicated to empowering the people who make computers, software, technology, and businesses run.…


HR FORUM – Oct 2018

On October 26th, Broadview Academy hosted a roundtable discussion attended by Human Resource, Training, and Organizational Development representatives from a select group of exceptional Winnipeg based companies committed to providing their employees with the most relevant and valuable workplace and productivity training available. This unique event provided an opportunity for the invited guests to get…


Winnipeg, MB – September 27, 2018 – Broadview Networks & ASAP Training.ca, announced that ASAP Training.ca, a leader in Corporate Professional Training, is now changing its name to Broadview Academy. This is to better align with our new parent company, Broadview Networks. “Broadview Networks purpose is to improve Productivity in the workplace”, said Michael Orloff,…

October is CyberSecurity Month!

“Why would Joe from Accounting send me a document asking me to enter our company financial information? Oh well…if he’s asking he must need it.” “Sandra from HR is asking me for my SIN and my new direct deposit information again. I gave it to her last week in her office. Meh—she’s hard to get…


Broadview Academy is a local company from Manitoba. Our interest is, and has always been, helping our customers to achieve productivity through learning! Who are our customers? Small and large Manitoba organizations. Local charities. Schools. First Nations. Manufacturers. Hospitals. Organized labour. Transportation companies. We serve all of them—and more—with the knowledge that the strength we…

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