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Broadview Academy is a Winnipeg Adult Professional Training Center aimed to
help you and your team advance in Sales, Leadership, Communications
Customer Services and more! We Provide One-on-one, Group and Online Training.

Our Training Partners include Microsoft, Adobe, QuickBooks and Prometric


Cyber Security

Protecting Your Organization from Cyber Threats

CyberSAFE [Securing Assets for End Users] “End-user awareness and training reduces security-related risks by 45% to 70%.” – 95% of all security incidents are due to human error.  Training your employees to detect and avoid cyber threats is critical to protecting your organization’s data.  In Broadview Academy’ CyberSAFE end-user security training and certificate program, students…

Microsoft Office365

The sky’s the limit with Microsoft Office 365 training

So your company upgraded to Office 365 and now you have this amazing new technology at your fingertips! You’ve discovered the life-changing benefits of team collaboration; you’re switching from laptop to phone, and from phone to tablet, and back to laptop again without missing a beat; you’re having virtual meetings in your PJs; your team…

Organizing Your Desk


Yesterday, the entire staff of Broadview Networks and Broadview Academy attended staff training on a newly created course called “Organizing Your Desk”. This course was developed in concert with Tracy Lamoureux from Birchwood Automotive Group with the goal of learning ways to: Better organize yourself and your workspace for peak efficiency.  Using effective techniques to…

Microsoft Excel

Do you Excel at work?

Why Excel Matters? When it comes to Microsoft Excel, there tends to be three types of users. To find out which you are, go ahead and open the program. How do you feel? Overwhelmed? A little lost? Frustrated? Not to worry, there are many like you: Excel beginners not quite sure where to start in all…

Training is an investment in your awesomeness

Training is an investment in your awesomeness

Broadview Academy provides training that changes lives! For companies of every size, that means continually upgrading the abilities of their employees so they stay competitive and boost their bottom lines. Every course and certification we teach, every learning method we provide is dedicated to empowering the people who make computers, software, technology, and businesses run.…


HR FORUM – Oct 2018

On October 26th, Broadview Academy hosted a roundtable discussion attended by Human Resource, Training, and Organizational Development representatives from a select group of exceptional Winnipeg based companies committed to providing their employees with the most relevant and valuable workplace and productivity training available. This unique event provided an opportunity for the invited guests to get…


Winnipeg, MB – September 27, 2018 – Broadview Networks & ASAP, announced that ASAP, a leader in Corporate Professional Training, is now changing its name to Broadview Academy. This is to better align to our new parent company, Broadview Networks. “Broadview Networks purpose is to improve Productivity in the workplace” said Michael Orloff,…

October is CyberSecurity Month!

“Why would Joe from Accounting send me a document asking me to enter our company financial information? Oh well…if he’s asking he must need it.” “Sandra from HR is asking me for my SIN and my new direct deposit information again. I gave it to her last week in her office. Meh—she’s hard to get…


One of the things that I love about working at Broadview is the fact that we are a local company. Our interest is, and has always been, helping our customers be the best that they can be. Who are our customers? Small and large Manitoba organizations. Local charities. Schools. First Nations. Manufacturers. Hospitals. Organized labour.…

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