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Broadview Academy is Winnipeg’s corporate training provider, employing knowledgeable instructors to deliver customized training that is applicable to your job or career development. We deliver an instructor-led in-person and virtual training experience. Our goal is speed to competency, ensuring your staff is as productive as possible with the applications they use every day.


Canaccord Genuity Corp.

The course was fantastic! My colleague and I felt that we learned useful tools that will assist us in our day to day activities. The course moved at a good pace, the instructor was incredibly helpful and the Microsoft Teams platform was seamless.

Ester Kamenz

Manitoba Federation of Labour

The trainer was fabulous and the course had a great flow. I feel with independent practice on these exercises that I will be able to have a better understanding of Excel and its functions. Overall a great class!

Darlene Dwyer
Manitoba Federation of Labour

Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet: MFNS

The staff were very happy with the PD that your organization facilitated. Just today, a teacher submitted her area’s February calendar. She said, “My first MS Publisher project!” She was proud of herself! I believe that Broadview Academy added/created confidence in our staff to be actively involved in computer activities.

Thanks so much to you and your crew.

Ernie McDougall
Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet: MFNS
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Improve productivity with our highly effective private group training. Our customized content and approach ensures outcomes are achieved.



Provide the very best experience for your staff with a one-on-one lesson. Since we employ instructors, we can offer very small classes and even one-on-one training at reasonable rates.



A monthly payment schedule ensures you have a budget when training is required. Instead of obtaining approval for large one-time expenditures, opt for set monthly payments. Subscribing also provides access to additional discounts!



If you’re a business without a dedicated training coordinator we can help you plan, manage, your organization’s professional development. Our membership program provides all the benefits of professional training management at a fraction of the cost.

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